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All payment done Aug 27, 2017

All payment are done pls upload payment proof in forum

All epayzal payment done Jun 24, 2017

All epayzal payment done pls upload payment proof in forum

All paypal payment done Apr 28, 2017

Dear member all paypal payment are sent pls upload payment proof in forum All epayzal payment done in next week some problem in epayzal site ,allready inform to epayzal for problem and they resolve as soon as possible and we pay all epayzal payment

For Payout Feb 24, 2017

Now we pay only upgraded member for paypal if you not upgarded member then you not recieved payment

Now you can Earn Per Refer Joining Nov 15, 2016

Dear members,

Now we are pay you for per refer joining

If you are a free member then earn $0.001 per refer
If you are a paid member then earn $0.002 per refer

Admin has been changed Aug 13, 2016 admin has been changed more and pay all time

Daily Contest Dec 06, 2015

Each Day,The top 1 clickers & The top 1 referring member will be awarded $0.10 Cash . At the end of the Day when the winners are credited, all clicks & referring will be removed so every member starts with 0 clicks & referring at the beginning of each Day.